Windows 10 Fix: MsMpeng.exe



What is Windows 10 Msmpeng.exe? 

Msmpeng.exe is a process that is present in Windows Defender, which is known as Windows Antispyware Utility tool. As the name suggests it is an antispyware program that scans downloaded files for any kind of malware so that it can tell us that the downloaded file is harmful to us and we need to remove that or ask us to quarantine that file so that that file cannot cause any harm to our system. It also scans our system for any type of worms, viruses, trojans, malware, etc. and if we stop Windows Antimalware Service Executable.

the executable program then that will mean we are compromising with system security features and if we want to stop then we need to install any other Antimalware program so we do not too required to compromise with our system securities features.   

It performs various types of work in the background such as scanning files, system, dangerous software, updating  antimalware service executable  program and many more tasks that need to be done by windows defender so due to that it takes up huge disk space, high memory, RAM and also use high bandwidth and sometimes drain high resources and especially after getting Windows 10 update it to make our system more slow and laggy. 0 




But after performing the scan, it makes our system back to normal so we can work properly and do not get frustrated due to the high usage of CPU due to which sometimes people stop the Windows Defender program from performing its task but it is the disguise for our system. 

Does Msmpeng.exe good for our system? 

There are mixed answers to these questions, some say that it is good, but some people also say that it is not good for the purpose of virus detection and then removing them. 

In the recently conducted survey by AV, it says that Microsoft has once again begun to grow as a trusted anti-virus malware, as it has reached the top twenty in the list of top antivirus around the globe. 

But with that result, not so many people are showing any interest in the antimalware service executable tech support program as it is still unable to detect all the malware and sometimes it also shows the trusted file as malware too so due to this many people started to disable this making it less favorable in the market and that's why many people disable it and goes into the market to buy a new antivirus.  


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