Commons Issue of Cell Phones

Today is 2018 and we are in the era of modern technology and we are surrounded lots of advanced technology, the cell phone is one of the small parts of these technologies but like a good thing, they have also some demerits like other machines and devices such as they required always proper care and maintenance. So don’t worry we are expert in this field and we are Geek Squad tech support for your help and we provide a simple solution for all such problems.
Some list major issue faced by us with their best solutions


If you are a smart cell phone user, so no doubt you are facing overheating type issue this issue is mainly caused by QUALCOMM processors. Because some time ago I also face such unwanted issue and after some time this issue causes decrease Battery lifespan and also damage the screen and camera of your phone. So don’t worry and follow us for getting a solution.
Always keep down the brightness of phone and off the usage of proximity sensor uses (off automatic brightness)

Junk files issue

This issue is another biggest problem with a cell phone or with other smart gadgets. The first question is how to remove it and how to get a solution so keep follow our method
Always use default cleaner and please remove unused app also.

Slow internet speed

This is the silliest issue and this issue is only caused due to either poor internet connection or due to damage to network wire in a cell phone. If your network wire is damaged so please contact us on geek squad number.

Unwanted space coverage

This issue is caused due to download cache and unwanted installation of the third-party app. So we request please don’t install waste things.

Slow in processing speed

This fault is caused due to some reason first reason is space coverage of your cell phone, or due to the damaged processor so please always installed the genuine app and if your phone android and its lifetime is over 1-2 years so please contact us geek squad Canada.

Battery life problems

This is a major problem of all cell phone and this fault is only caused due to some reason such as overcharging, overheating, due to humidity also. So please follow some above steps for safe your battery life.
So stay tuned and follow us and get more life hacks.
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