About I pad and some specific problem

Every apple products performance is batter because of the latest update comes timely. All users are fully satisfied with apple service and products. Apple launches different type’s products which is very attractive and good for in use. Apple users are increasing comparison to oldest days. Apple I pad is one of the most devices which uses mostly for official work and also uses for playing the game. This is a very useful device. Apple I pad screen size is the large comparison to a phone. This is a lightweight device so you can carry anywhere. Apple I pad is easy to transport. Its design is very attractive. Manually brightness feature available on this device. You can store apps in the app store but before the use of app store, you have created an iTunes account. In Apple, I Pad you can touch with a fingerprint. While using this product sometimes you can face some types of problem which are as follows.

Charging related issue

If your device is not charging then you need to cross check the charger.  And you have to reboot the device. If still device is not charging then this problem can be due to hardware related.

iPad disabled error

If you have activated the passcode and you want to unlock the device. Then if you enter the wrong passcode again and again after that your device goes disable mode. Then you need to reset your device.

Turn on related issue

If your device is not turning on then you need to check that screen is in sleep mode or not. If your device battery has been dead then the device will not be turning on so you have to connect your device to the charger. You have to cross check the charger otherwise it is a hardware related issue. Then you need to coordinate with apple support.

Battery backup issue

If your device battery is not getting proper back then you need to adjust the brightness of the screen because of mostly battery consumes due to screen. You need turn off the Bluetooth, location and also turn off the notification. When you need the internet then you can on otherwise off.

Device not resetting issue-

While using the apple I pad can face issues which we can do resolve only reset. If you want to reset the device then you need to go setting then click general setting and then click on reset option, after clicking on reset you have to choose to erase all settings then your device will be reset.
If still, you are facing the same problem then you have to contact with apple service our service is available any time 24*7.
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