Gmail VS Yahoo Mail

Gmail and Yahoo both are the web-based mailing service which is used to send and receive the emails.Both purpose are same but features are different. These both are the major mailing service provider. Both offer their own benefits with different features. As we compare the popularity and working then Gmail is far popular then Yahoo and Gmail have more account user then the Gmail winning the popularity contest. If you want to know more about the difference between or have any query regarding this then contact us through Gmail Help

Some Differences

1.Page Speed
When we talk about the page speed, Yahoo wins this with a small piece.  However, when Gmail is up, it is super-fast then yahoo.  You can easily navigate both of them between sections without doing any delay in load times.  When you send a large memory file attachments then it can also faster in Gmail as compare the Yahoo attachment. Sometimes page speed would be slow due to internet connectivity problem, so contact us through Gmail Tech Support 

2. Security
Now if we talk on the security side then this contest also wins by the Gmail,Gmail is more secure then the yahoo including account security or password security. In 2016 there is an attempt of account hacking in which half of the Gmail account is compromised. Using password security and two-step authentication will make security more tight in Yahoo Hacking incident.

Gmail has discreet ads which appear to be sponsored emails or banners like, depending on the page which you are viewing.  These ads are noticeable to the most useful and it is always as if there are no ads on the page at all. While if we talk about Yahoo it claims contains less number of ads which are displayed, yahoo contains both images large ads on the right side and other is a banner ad at the top of your email.  If you don't want to see the ad you can block them by using ad block, you can install on Chrome or Firefox, Otherwise, they make you annoying all time. If you not able to block the ads on Gmail then contact us through Gmail Customer Support
Again if we talk about the features of both then again Gmail comes to wins the contest because Gmail provides the more advanced features then the Yahoo. Gmails provides the attachment of large memory of file. With Gmail, you can get more features like Plugin and addon while Yahoo is less with these features.
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